In the Beginning....

One day a couple of years ago Yukon Jack’s kids were walking down the hill and heard a live band performing.  They thought the sound was cool so they ran home to tell their Dad about the band.  Yukon filled his trusty glass with his favorite beverage and strolled down to where the sound was coming from.  When he rang the bell he was greeted by a lovely blonde who informed Yukon that while the sound was indeed coming from the right house what the kids had heard was her husband, Luigi Ricardo Cinzano, drumming to a Lenny Kravitz  tune on his sound system.  The next thing Yukon knows he is escorted down to the basement and he meets Luigi.  About 12 hours later after muy cervesas and Yukon’s libations were consumed the idea of Rokkerbox was formed.

Yukon then started the search to round out the band since Yukon and Luigi formed the rhythm section, Bass and Drums respectively.  After an ad in Craig's List and many inquiries, Mrs. Jim Shorts asked if her husband might audition for us.  Jim is a classically punk trained guitarist, vocalist and showman and it did not take long before Rokkerbox numbered three.  But who would be the fourth?  The search continued and players came and went until one day Pete Moss, guitar virtuoso and all around vocalist and cool dude, arrived at a practice and sat in. The vibe was good and the first gig was upon us so Pete agreed to play and see how it went. Well this story has many twists and turns so we won’t bore you with all of it but suffice to say that Rokkerbox is here and ready to rock you! 


Rokkerbox;  Yukon Jack, Jim Shorts, Pete Moss and Luigi Ricardo Cinzano, aka the Godfather

Giving back to the community

While that was tongue in cheek,  you need to know that we also have a serious side and that we think giving back to the community is important.  Over the last year Rokkerbox has donated time and talent for a Relay for Life team in Gig Harbor to raise money for the American Cancer Society, The Tacoma Hunger Walk to help those less fortunate than we , a free performance for the Kiwanis Fund Raiser where they raffled off a 1966 Mustang to benefit children and our first
"Fill the Ford" food drive for the KPN Food Bank. Since then we have done more food drives and will continue to do so.  Please follow these special events on our home page "Coming Events" where we will perform for these worthy causes.  Please come out and support our efforts to help the community as a whole.

If you have a cause where we can help raise money or benefit your organization please use our contact page to reach out to us or send an email to
Thank you!

Our Music

We are a very eclectic band and our music reflects that.  We like to put our own spin on covers of many artists' works.  Any given night you might hear music from AC/DC to Zepplin, 80's Billy Idol, The Cure and Violent Femmes,surf music a la Dick Dale; back in time with the Yardbirds, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix; Southern Rock, Blues, George Thorogood  and Neil Young.  Throw in a little Reggae and Country and you have Rokkerbox at its best.  Our sound and song list is ever changing.  Got a request?  Let us know and we will add it to the list!

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